The best burger restaurants in Bucharest


The reason why “3Kombinat”is on our list is that on our journey to burger perfection, we often skip the essentials. 3Kombinat is not at all one of the biggest burger restaurants out there, nor is it one of the fanciest. But you know what ? It really does not matter. They win at the single most important thing in the world when it comes to burgers. TASTE. Not only that, but they also have one of the most relaxed ambiance I’ve ever seen. It’s like you stepped into the burger heaven. The vintage décor, the terrace, crowded with friends, the light, the way how simple but beautiful it is, all of them were determinant factors in placing this small but well-deserving restaurant on the top of our list. Well done, 3Kombinat !

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Hardly can I imagine a more suitable place for a tasty burger and a glass of wine, other than “Vivo”. Not only do they have one of the best burgers in town, but they also impress with an extremely beautiful décor. Being a “fusion food bar”, expect to see here truly remarkable recipes. With creative burgers like “Game of Dijons”, “Chicken of Wall Street” or “Carnifornication”, all inspired by famous movies, “Vivo” is a truly modern and unique burger place. They have 8 burgers to choose from, and, trust me on that, neither of them disappoints. Extremely creative (just check out their website if you don’t trust me) and with more and more ideas every day, “Vivo” placed itself already long ago on the very top of burger pyramid in Bucharest. Hadn’t it been for our preference to support other small but valuable places like 3Kombinat as well, “Vivo” would have certainly be our best bet.

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To put it simply, with a collection of 6 beef burgers and another 3 lamb, chicken or veggie, “Switch.Eat” certainly is amongst the most diverse and interesting burger places in Bucharest. Go ahead and make a reservation directly on their beautiful website or just to learn more about them while you’re there. With strong reviews from other food bloggers and food enthusiasts, “Switch.Eat” is certainly a place to consider in your small burger culinary journey in Bucharest. Their burgers are also surprisingly affordable, meaning you really get that value for the money proposition we are always looking for. Try their burger with potatoes and coleslaw. Just hurry up already, they only do 30 of them a day ! For an awesome experience and more, head to “Switch.Eat”.

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Red Angus Steakhouse

Now for our favourite American restaurant, in the heart of Bucharest, you’ll certainly have to go with Red Angus Steakhouse. Not only do they serve one of the most delicious steaks in town here, they also have amazing burgers, mainly due to how they manage to procure the best quality meat in Bucharest. For a truly American feeling, top to bottom, there is no other place to offer just that in the whole city. Motorcycles on the walls, saddles for bar seats, vintage cans, you name it. This place is made to give a peak into the wild wild west. Don’t even think that their burgers don’t meet the expectations. Just hop on, give it a try and enjoy the ride.

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Circus Pub

Winners of BurgerFest Battle in 2016, Circus Pub is obviously the safe choice at least for our top 5. Focusing more on a burger festival feeling, the kind of atmosphere you would get in a street food festival, this local wonder manages to impress through its unique value proposition: the essence of a burger in a cozy, local atmosphere. They also have a vintage van, often used for food festivals and culinary events, which brings Circus Pub closer to its audience and amongst the few places in Bucharest that will offer you a good meal for the money.

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The extremely creative “Vacamuu” (you can already tell by its name) is all about the quality of the meat. With their own meat market from which you can take home some of the best quality meat out there and do it yourself in the kitchen, Vacamuu slowly but surely makes its way up in the Bucharest culinary sphere. They do catering, they get involved in a large number of beef lovers events and what they also do is deliver value. Perhaps Vacamuu does not focus entirely on burgers, but I’m telling you, you’ll never regret visiting them, and especially their high-quality meat. So, for all the carnivores out there, there’s your new regular place.

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Veggie burgers, chicken burgers, beef burgers, lamb burgers, you name it. With a small and cozy terrace and nice summer atmosphere, simply grab a burger and chill with one of their numerous custom cocktails or lemonades. Modelier is that colourful wonderful place you’re looking for to cure your Monday depression. Coated in wood all over the place and beautifully designed, it is the perfect place for a tasty burger in a chill atmosphere. Hesitate no more and head there directly.

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Now Simbio is not your regular burger place, but they proved themselves quite worthy of being in our top 10 for a good reason. If you are looking for something else, and not your day to day burger place, we could not think of a more suitable place for this purpose. From coffee & more to kitchen & bar, they had a beautiful journey moving their focus from making a delightful coffee (which they still do) to some wonderful burgers. If coffee and burgers is what you’re thinking of and you’re looking for a cozy and inspiring place for perhaps for your freelance work, there you go: Simbio it is.

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Osho is more like the more serious version of a burger restaurant. With some haute-cuisine looks and a somehow closed and quiet atmosphere, Osho gives you the impression of a food lab, a burger laboratory aiming for the ultimate burger perfection. With 8 types of burgers, quite expensive, but, nevertheless, for a good reason (the meat), Osho focuses on a higher-end profile, and, moreover, on a more serious culinary experience. If you fancy a burger, but you want it in a quiet and elegant scenery, perhaps Osho was created exactly for you, the fancy one.

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Burger Van

With few introductions, Burger Van is your amazing success story of a van and a dream. Starting with only a van and some amazing burger recipes, Burger Van soon conquered our hearts here in Bucharest. Now, in a more static way, you can enjoy some of their best recipes in the Burger Van Bistro as well. Check out their website and see where the van will be located this week. Although simple and effective, after some time passed, the quality of their moving van service dropped a bit, but they’ve recovered in a new and enhanced way, the Burger Van Bistro. So, don’t forget to check it out and also visit one of the few street food vans in Bucharest.

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